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20|20 Research is a qualitative market research firm out of Nashville, TN

20|20 is a worldwide leader in traditional and online qualitative research. Since our founding in 1986, 20|20 has been dedicated to research excellence. Our qualitative facilities in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami are annually “Top Rated” by our clients in both industry surveys and our own satisfaction surveys.

Since 2001, the QualBoard® bulletin board research system has been one of the most widely used and innovative research platforms in the world. Today, QualBoard® is available in over 20 languages and has been used in over 90 countries. It has expanded to include a wide array of capabilities not available on any other platform. In addition, 20|20 has developed and supports other research platforms that researchers trust around the world.

As an early leader in online qualitative, 20|20 assumed a significant role to show others how to best utilize the capabilities of online qualitative. Now, 20|20 trains more researchers in online qualitative than any other organization in the world through our free online webinars.

Today, 20|20 is considered one of the most innovative and technologically advanced firms in the industry. Even so, we never forget our roots of service to our clients and dedication to the practice of excellence in research. That is why, at 20|20, we are Helping You Do Better Research.